River Fly Box

Dave Wiltshire

AAPGAI Advanced Fly Fishing instructor & Guide

I use Marryat fly fishing rods and few come better than the new Tactical Pro series


Join me for a day on the river and lake and experience these superb fly fishing rods


All my flies are tied using a wide range of Partridge Hooks


Currently the SLD, SLD2, K4AY and K5AY are top on my list hook designs for my river patterns

Sunray Fly Lines are at the cutting edge of fly line design. These new, micro-diameter lines are high performance lines with advanced tapers and core designs. I am currently using a range of the micro-diameter International lines and also the World Championship (FIPS legal) Nymph line.

The result of the combination of the Marryat Tactical Pro Nymph Special (10'6" #3) rod and Sunray World Championship nymph line.



The very best of fly tying materials and customer service is available from

Funky Fly Tying

Dave Wiltshire

AAPGAI Advanced Instructor